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We help socially- and environmentally-positive businesses.
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We believe in good people, saving our planet and making a profit.

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We are a 100% virtual enterprise.

Hello there. We advise on and build tools to enable the new economy.

Wouldn't it be great to co-create a world where we're all well-informed, educated and empowered to make the changes we need to live happily, purposefully, and freely? That's what gets us excited.

Our work focuses on empowering and informing organizations and individuals who want to promote and develop businesses that improve society on a local, national and international level.

Our team changes from project to project, and team members live and work in the Americas.

Our Core Team

Projects require different skills at different times.

Andrea Martinez

  • Topics: Hydroelectricity, freshwater, global and regional governance, sustainable development, international trade, water security, international environmental law
  • Formal Education: JD, International Environmental Law from American University Washington College of Law. International Environmental Policy, Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Bachelor's Degree, Magna Cum Laude, University of Massachusetts Boston.

Malaika Thorne

  • Topics: Investing, business models, circular economy, economic development, renewable energy, systems, reuse, repair, developing markets, product design, farming
  • Formal Education: MBA, MIT Sloan School of Management. Leadership San Francisco. Bachelor's Degree, Brown University (Oettinger National Scholar).

John Mulrow

  • Topics: Methodology, engineering, recycling, materials management, composting, industrial symbiosis, futures
  • Formal Education: Second year Master's candidate in Civil Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Bachelor of Science in Earth Systems from Stanford University.


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